Why is a roof corrugated?

Corrugated metal roofs last longer thanks to ridges and grooves that compensate for their lightweight nature. The fact that they are not susceptible to corrosion and wear ensures their durability.

Why is a roof corrugated?

Corrugated metal roofs last longer thanks to ridges and grooves that compensate for their lightweight nature. The fact that they are not susceptible to corrosion and wear ensures their durability. Their non-combustible properties, on the other hand, ensure that they can withstand fire. The undulating shape of the metal sheets makes the corrugated roof reflect more light and heat from the sun.

This prevents heat from entering the interior of your home. Because it can be less hot, your home is less hot during the summer season. You can save energy by consuming less to cool your home. Corrugated roofing panels often have little or no waste of base coil material, and do not require cutting to a smaller coil width.

For this reason, a corrugated panel is usually less expensive than a stand-up seam panel, although this can vary depending on the profile. As an exposed fastening panel, corrugated also has the advantage of faster installation time than a standing seam panel in most cases. One of the greatest advantages that corrugated sheets have over flat sheets is the additional strength that corrugations give them. By adding stiffness along the entire length of the corrugations and bending strength, the sheets are prevented from sagging.

Ensuring that there are regular supports on the roof to support the sheets will ensure that the roof stays strong and rigid. Corrugated metal has been used to cover roofs around the world for decades. Just as corrugated board can be used to build some pretty sturdy boxes, corrugated metal also offers impressive structural strength for many roofing applications, thanks to its ribbed design. Corrugated metal is produced by taking a sheet of metal coil and passing it through a roll forming machine, which shapes the metal panels into a pre-established corrugated pattern.

Corrugated metal roofs are the best choice for commercial structures that have flat roofs. That said, it's also an excellent choice for pitched roofs. There are many benefits of corrugated metal roofing. Being comprised of sheet metal panels, it is one of the best roofing options for many projects.

Corrugated metal is just one of many types of metal used in roofing. Corrugated metal roofs provide some structural and aesthetic advantages to your building or home. Along with many other types of metal roofing, corrugated metal is cost-effective, environmentally friendly and durable. All the fixtures and seams of the ceiling are literally hidden under the vertical legs of the stand-up seam panels.

Choosing the right roofing material and roofing style is certainly important, but choosing a local professional roofing contractor you can trust is even more important. But while corrugated metal was a standard style for many applications at one time, it is no longer the only, or even the best, style of metal roofing. For roofing panels, the raw materials are formed into large coils of flat sheet which are then passed through a roll former. With the growing awareness and need to be respectful of the environment, metal roofs meet all the requirements to obtain cheap, environmentally friendly and sustainable roofs for any type of building.

While tested, standing seam panels can withstand similar wind loads as corrugated roofing panels, however, other climates, such as hail, are best handled with the repeating pattern. In general, both types of panels work well as roofing systems, depending on your needs and the desired look. You'll pay for 32.5 square feet of material, but the roof coverage will only be about 29 square feet. These corrugated metal roof properties are sure to give you the protection your home needs in a longer period of time due to its durability and weather resistance.

You can use the corrugated sheets available here in a variety of applications, both residential and commercial, such as industrial roofs, architectural roofs, skylights, stadium roofs, hobby greenhouses, railway station roofs, pergolas and more. However, if you want a roof with much greater longevity, much less maintenance, much more reliable performance, and truly beautiful aesthetics, then you really can't beat a properly installed standing seam metal roof. When the phrase “metal roofs” is mentioned in a common conversation, what may come to mind is a roof covered with corrugated metal. Bridger Steel is a premier metal manufacturer of panel systems for roofing, cladding and interior applications.

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